Friday, June 26, 2015

Appointments & Follow Ups

Finally the appointments and follow ups are slowing down.  As we get away from the last day of radiation, our appointments start to stretch out further.

The speech folks gave us some interesting information, they told Rich that he had to continue to do his swallowing exercises for the rest of his life.
Radiation stiffens the inner workings of the throat. It is called fibrosis of the throat.
We learn something every day don't we?

The throat still burns but the eating and swallowing are improving.

Rich's big concern was his lack of energy and stamina.

Dr. Rahim reminded Rich that he had been 'de-conditioned' by the weeks of radiation and chemotherapy and the stays in the hospital.  COPD and this hot humid weather made re-conditioning a slower process.  I like Dr. Rahim, he is a thoughtful caring person and doctor.
He has a wonderful smile and never comes off presumptuous.

We won't see him until August now!  Two months before we have any follow up of course if there are any questions or problems we are free to call.

I am happy to say he is slowly but surely coming around to feeling more like himself.

I'm doing a bit better too. I still lay awake and worry about him at night.  The TIA and the Anapylatic Shock still play on an endless reel inside my head.

Staying busy helps.  
I will be returning to work on July 4th and I think that first weekend will give us both an idea as to how much better he is feeling.

I am still the chore-master. And I still do some things for him that he used to do for himself.
All in all, that is about it to report.

He has to give himself time to get back into condition. My cautious worry is how does his other health issues factor into healing?

I guess we shall see.

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  1. Every day is a new adventure. Nick has found relief in acupuncture....