Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Dragging our Feet

The last day of radiation is supposed to be Monday, June 15th.  The first day of radiation and chemo was on April 28th.

What a long long time.
I'm sure it is not as long as some folks have treatments for other cancers.

For me?  I am getting close to never caring if I drive again to Madison, or park in the UW's parking garage or even see the doors to the VA Hospital.

I am weary of the drive.  Even with the short breaks while Rich was in the hospital or those times when his daughter had him, it feels like it has been forever.

Which, of course is not true at all.

Rich's neck looks nasty and it is hot as mentioned in the previous post.  We've been applying lotion and cool compresses to try and ease the burning sensation.

Eating by mouth is a bit of a challenge, but he is still doing it.  Yesterday we had a great lunch at Grandma Mary's in Arena, WI.  

We often stop there on our way back from Madison as it gives us a break.

This morning was a tough one so far.  Neither one of us wanted to get up and get going.  I'm still delaying going out to do the chores.  I'm bone tired in some ways I feel beyond tired.

Rich feels the same way and his neck just burns.  I put lotion on it and he sat still.  I'm using gloves now even though I've washed my hands well.  I don't want to cause an infection anywhere on his neck by accident.

Dr. Witek says his neck will keep cooking for a while after radiation is done.
I've read on message boards that this time [depending on the person] can be up to 6 weeks.

They say: 'Radiation, the gift that keeps on giving [or burning]'. 

I guess the positive things to look at are ... the daily trips are nearly over.
Radiation is nearly over.

And then what?
Life after treatment?
Will our lives ever become normal again?

Oh I hope so.

Chores are waiting.  And we leave for another day of 'fun and adventure' in an hour.

Tonight though, I'm going to go pick up Morris and bring him back home.
We need his silly face.

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