Monday, June 8, 2015

Hot neck

The radiation sure is causing Rich's neck to be sore not only on the inside, but also on the outside.

I am amazed at how reddish dark the neck is where he is getting the RAD treatments.

We asked Dr. Witek on Friday if we could use cool compresses to ease some of the heat and pain on the outside of the neck.

He grinned and said I could stick Rich's head in the freezer...he paused and looked at Rich..."and shut the door!"  We all laughed.

But the cool compress does work.  We have to remember though to continuously keep the radiated skin moisturized.  Rich likes Lubriderm the best.

At this point the skin is an angry purple - red color, the sort of color you would expect to see on a severe sun burn.

Outside Rich wears a wide brimmed hat and a cloth to shade the back of his neck.  The skin is very sensitive to the sun and will be for quite a while.

Tonight I made an odd mix of foods for supper.  I pan sauteed a sirloin tip steak and then cut it into extremely thin strips.  I sauteed mushrooms and added that to the strips.

Rich wanted some beans, so I added them to the mix and let the ingredients just come to a light simmer.

The sirloin steak was so incredibly tender and tasty.  The mushrooms mixed with the steak and beans actually tasted wonderful.  Rich was able to take the thin strips and cut them smaller so it was easy to swallow.  

Well, there you go.  Dr. Witek told him weeks ago to forget steaks for a while.

I guess we showed him!


Stay out of the sun with radiated will hurt.
Cool compresses help... A LOT
Peppermint tea and it off and drink, helps with the sore throat
Lots of often as you can do it.
Unscented very very mild soap...don NOT scrub it.
For guys: do not shave the area!
No ICE packs, cool to moderately cold compresses.

Hint:  Take a cloth and rinse in cool water.  After it is done, put the cloth in a zip lock baggy and stick it in the fridge to keep it cool.

While at home, take a t-shirt and cut around the neck so the material is not rubbing on the burned skin.

After we are done today... Next Monday is the last day of Radiation!
Who is counting?
We are!


  1. All of this is good news. The light is at the end of the tunnel for those treatments. You must be so happy to have some of your yard and pasture work done. Does your son live in the area?

    1. No my son lives on the other side of the state! 4 hrs away!
      And we are looking forward to the end of this.