Sunday, June 7, 2015

Stop being a mother hen

My oldest son Ed, came to help do 'stuff' around the farm on Saturday.

We finished the fencing and then Ed used his weed eater to clean around the fence line. 

Rich had decided to get on his lawn mower and do some yard work.  I worried and fussed over him until I got 'the look' and decided to let him do as he pleased.

No doubt he is feeling a bit better.  The throat is sore and raw, but with careful meal planning he is still eating 'normal' food.

After last weekend's TIA, he is now wearing a 'Cardiac Event' monitor.  It is made by LifeWatch and it records any events that may occur.  
While Rich was cleaning the deck of the mower, his 'beeper' as we call it went off.  We dutifully went inside and transmitted the 'event' by phone to the 800 number provided.
The technician asked Rich what he had been doing when the 'event' occurred and then will pass this information on to the doctor who is following him.
Later he had another 'event'.  
We don't know what the 'events' are which sort of concerns me.

I assume the tech would tell us if we needed to go somewhere for help.

Rich had another 'event' while sleeping at 6am this morning.  Stubborn ol' cuss.  He said he was going to sleep and not get up to send out the event recording.

Well.  On the flip side, he has been getting back to himself and aside from the difficulty in swallowing, and the very hot skin on his neck, he is doing better.

He is wearing a wide brim hat with a scarf over the back to keep the sun off his radiated neck.

It is good to see him taking an interest in things going on around the farm.
5 more days of radiation this coming week and then one day the week following.

He hopes that he will start to recover the swallowing process soon.
Although we've been told that a person's neck will still 'cook' for weeks after radiation treatment is done.

I kept after him all day to 'take it easy'.  Then I realized that after what he had been through, I should stop being a Mother Hen and let him decide what his activities should be.

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