Thursday, June 11, 2015

Adventures with Cancer...

It seems each day in the treatment of Throat Cancer is a day of some kind adventure.

On our way home yesterday we took a few side trips to look at Rich's old 'fishing' haunts.  I played chauffeur and he gave me directions.

We stopped in about 4 places and I think he enjoyed it. We talked about maybe coming back soon with fishing poles and taking a turn at tossing worms into the Wisconsin River.

We discussed driving over on County H just outside of Lone Rock to see the old Mill too.  

The day was incredibly hot though and of course I played mother hen and cautioned him about the heat and the sun.

His neck has been burning up from these last radiation treatments.  Two days ago I asked if this was normal and the techs replied it was.
Last night I looked at his neck as I gently cleaned it.

No, this was something that concerned me.
Then Mr. Stubborn decided not to take his pain medicine even though it hurt like it hurt worse than that. I could see his arms shaking.  He turned white as a ghost but told me to continue.

I asked him to take his Oxycodone.  He refused saying he didn't wasn't to 'get hooked' on it.
I explained that the pain would make him feel more ill.


I used Aloe gel on the burns and decided on Thursday that I'd stand in the waiting room until I saw THE nurse. 
In the beginning I was told we'd have nurse co-ordinators to see us whenever we had a question or concern.

Rich went to sleep and assured me he'd be fine while I got Morris.

When I got home, Rich said he hurt worse than ever.  I asked where.

"All over."
I tried to get him to tell me, was it his throat, the radiated skin, or something else.
When he gets like that he remains staunch and won't tell you a thing.
"I just hurt."

He then told me he was cold.  I took his temperature and it was 99.  Low grade.

I tried to get him to eat or drink.
I tried him to take some Oxy.
I tried to get him to take his proper medications.
You guessed it.

At 10pm I checked his temperature. 100.1, at 2am I checked his temperature 100.3.
My list from both the Infusion clinic and Radiation clinic specifically tell the patient they must be seen by a doctor with any temperature of 100.5 or more.

Morris laid down next to Rich on the floor and put his head in his paws.  He was worried and watched also.

After trying to get some sleep on the couch or the recliner, I finally gave up and went to the upstairs bedroom.

I normally get up at 6am.  I'd check his temp then.

~~~ Follow up in the next blog.

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