Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Difficult Patient.

Today Rich had a very hard time with his 'gag' reflex.  He wasn't able to put in his mouth pieces for the Radiation ... Tomo Therapy treatment.

They ushered him to the waiting room while a tech went to trim the mouth piece so he wouldn't gag.

He got through his session but literally splayed on the waiting room couch.

Soon enough, we went to another waiting room where our male nurse ushered us into a room.

He lectured Rich on using his anti-nausea meds to keep the nausea at bay. This was day two of someone telling him to take his meds.

He nodded as if he would follow directions.  The nurse also told him how important meals were.

Yep, he knew that.  But someone needed to make him feel better.  

The male nurse from the RAD department explained that more than likely he was feeling side effects from his chemo treatment.  The side effects from this week's radiation therapy would effect him next week.

I indicated that he had not been eating and of course Rich argued that HE had eaten.  And that he had 2 shakes last night and a bowl of cereal this morning.

I sighed.

Rich had slept most of the way in to MAD city and all of the way home. When we got in the door he mumbled that he was going directly to bed.

I insisted on his nausea medication and then his normal noon time meds.
He shrugged and headed upstairs.

I brought them to him and he took the meds.  I checked the fluid level in his CPAP, tucked him in, and proceeded to do the things on my "To Do List".  
This included getting him a wedge pillow, some Boitene rinse for his mouth and making phone calls.

Okay, this may sound a bit selfish, but I went to visit my dog at the Chiropractor's Office.  Damn, if Morris wasn't into his job. He was busy greeting patients and walking them to the door when they left.

He greeted me and then went back to 'work'.  He is in his glory and so is my good friend and wonderful Chiropractor Dr. Bjerke.

I was almost annoyed that my dog was Mr. Sociable and treated me as if I were one of the patients.
I'm smiling as I type this.  We should all be blessed with a wonderful dog like Morris.  I'm glad he is busy working and not stuck in his crate all day.

I worked at chores in the light rain and even began to set up things for moving animals this weekend or perhaps next weekend.

Tomorrow is Chemo Day.  Since my husband will be attached to an IV for 4.5 hrs I can talk to the nurses to see if they have any helpful hints as to 'how' to convince Rich that he needs to eat no matter how tired he is.

Eating and nutrition is the key to getting through Chemo and Radiation Therapy.

And this cancer has over a 90% cure rate.


  1. I like that 90% cure rate. Hopefully he will figure this all out and will start eating more.

    1. Because he suffers from depression and PTSD, I believe we have those issues to deal with also. I think he is acting much like when his anti depressants no longer worked 2 yrs ago, withdrawn.

  2. I'm just getting caught up with your blog...I somehow missed this one until now, but I have been thinking of you. This all brings up an awful lot of memories so I have an idea what you are going through. I wish there were something I could do to help, it sure is a hard road to travel.

    1. I realized last night that he is showing classic symptoms of Major Depression so I will be addressing that today at the VA appts.

  3. As you could see, Nick didn't eat and still doesn't eat right. Doc said 6 small meals a day. He still tries to stuff himself with 3 then complains his belly hurts.

    *throws hands in the air*