Friday, May 8, 2015

I'm Counting the Days Now...

Maybe I shouldn't count days, maybe I shouldn't look forward to when I can have a day for myself.

Yesterday was another extremely long day.
It started well.  While I was doing chores, Rich started to feel nauseated and instead of taking his meds he waited until I came in.

Another side effect from Chemo hit him at the same time. Ewww...Diarrhea.
Not a pleasant subject but if we are talking about Cancer and everything associated with it, ... there it is.

I called the Infusion Hot Line and was told to give him his nausea meds and Imodium for the diarrhea.
I'd done the nausea meds and had argued with Mr. Patient about taking them.  After talking to the nurse it got...


We were nearly late for our appointment and but the bouts of diarrhea held off for 4 hrs.  He should have had another tablet after we got to the UW. Bad me, for not being able to keep everything straight and do all the driving and navigating from one place to another.

Mr. Patient and I got directed from the Infusion clinic to the ER at the VA.  Fluids and anti nausea IV meds were given and there was a kind 'lecture' about keeping up on fluids AND the feeding.

Blood counts dropped from yesterday so it will be interesting to see how it is come Tuesday.
Our day spent at the UW, the VA ER, and travelling was from 9am to 6pm.

After we got home Rich went directly to bed.  I was exhausted but went out to do chores anyway.  Heck they needed to be done.
The yard is getting too long and shaggy.

I fed the animals and tried to figure out how quickly I could move everyone to summer pasture.  It would cut down on my work by hours each day.  And as tired as I was getting, that would be a great thing.

Rich had his first IV tube feeding.  Actually it is just a gravity feeding to his PEG.  He had been a pretty poor patient about taking extra nutrition through Miss Peggy.

As nurse Ronnie had said, if he didn't start being a bit more proactive in his eating and nutrition, they would admit him to hospital.

Naughty me, I thought ... in the back of my mind.
Oh!  Really?  Please do!  I could use a couple of days to tend to all the things on the farm!

My Patient-husband can be a real grump and actually he has reason to.
He keeps telling anyone who will listen that he sure didn't bank on being knocked down by the Chemo like this.
Side effects from the Radiation Treatments will make their presence known soon.

The cancerous lymph node has gone from 3cm to 2cm.  At least that is what the doctors are saying.  This is good news to hang on to.

I checked the calendar and counted it up ~ after today:

25 more Radiation Treatments.
5 more Chemo Treatments.

Yesterday's lessons.  
Have pull up adult diapers on hand in case...
Make sure patient takes his anti nausea pills and stays with it.
Make sure patient eats.  Make sure patient takes Jevity.
Pack your car as if you were a pharmacy and add water bottles, clothes, and notepads.

For the CareGiver:
Go to bed.  Sleep. 
It is normal to be frustrated.

All the caregiver information I read is to get someone to come in and give you a break.
This isn't really possible when your day is taken up by travelling and farm chores.  
But I will be addressing those issues very quickly.

Today is Friday.  I hope it goes well.


  1. I'm so sorry he is being stubborn about taking in what he is supposed to. Many things could be prevented if he would just do that. Maybe he will need to end up in the hospital to figure it out. You sure have a lot on your plate.

    1. It is very difficult. Friday he was a pretty good patient. Today he is being rather stubborn.

  2. And there were days I almost walked out.

    It's normal they say. You'll get thru it they say.......