Thursday, April 30, 2015

First Day of Chemo and Rad

What a wonderful daughter Rich has.  Stephanie came Monday night to our house and then stayed over night and helped me with chores in the morning.

She then took her dad to the MAD VA and went with him through all of his appointments.

Chemo took hours to do and she took notes for me, asked questions and even updated our Gmail Calendar with new appointments.  What a fantastic way to share information!

After his long day, she took him home to her house.  They met me at the UW Carbone Cancer Center today where I picked him up and brought him home.

Our schedule for Rad will be slightly different each week, so no set will change each week. 
Next week the times vary at least 3 times.

Rich had a medication in his Chemotherapy that is for nausea.  One of the side effects is that it could make the patient euphoric or a bit moody.
Oh wow, talk about having someone who is ... like on speed!  He talked volumes louder and was almost obnoxious about telling me how to drive.  He rambled on about things ... he was talking faster than I was driving.

Yep, our first chemo experience was enlightening.  Next week I'll talk to the nurses in the infusion clinic and ask them if this is abnormal.

He had his second radiation today and had forgotten to take his anxiety meds. He said it was the longest 15 minutes of his life.
We stopped to eat lunch at Grandma's Cafe in Arena, WI.  By the way, if you ever travel Highway 14 from Madison...stop there.  It is good food and served right!

We'll be up at 5:30 A.M. tomorrow to get the ball rolling.  Monday through Friday we have appointments at unexpected times to be determined by the VA and the UW Carbone Cancer Center each week.

One of the best things I did is to have Rich sign a sheet giving the VA permission to share medical information with Steph about her dad and let her have input on appointments.

Yesterday Steph took her dad to his first appointments for Chemo and Radiation. I had the day to myself.  I had a delivery, a doctor's appointment, and I treated myself to a hair cut.  
Then I sat outside in a lawn chair after chores and listened to the birds sing while Morris wandered around.  

Life is good ... considering.


  1. Yes, it is ... considering. Prayers continue.

    1. Thank your for your wonderful thought, always appreciated.

  2. You are so lucky to have had his daughter. I didn't have that kind of support.....His brother came after Nick came home from the hospital (from 2 hours away) His son was SPOSED to be there...never showed, never called to say he wasn't coming and has NEVER apologized for being so irresponsible.