Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Enter the whirlwind

We checked in at the Kiosk for the Dental Clinic.  The printer shot out future appointments and we both looked at the date.
March 31st.
MAD Oncology.

So things were moving quickly and we were not even aware of any meetings with Oncology.

We sort of had to chuckle at the 'shorthand' that the VA used for its appointments.  Appointment at the Madison VA were shortened to MAD and then a dash followed by the clinic or doctor a patient was seeing.

Dr. D. presented himself after x-rays and did a dental exam.  He told Rich that he'd be removing some teeth.  Because of the Radiation Treatment oral issues can happen.  Removing teeth that are not in good health was standard protocol.

Dr. D. is quite the character.  He explained some things to Rich but wouldn't go any further to say that he has known people with this cancer that had done well and tried to set our minds at ease.

Of course he couldn't tell us what he knew that would be up to the Oncologist. We left MAD Dental and headed home knowing we'd be coming back in a few days.

Our drive home was pretty quiet.  We watched the last of winter melting away in the farm fields.
Rich asked some questions.
"Did Dr. D. say he was taking just two teeth?"
"Now why was that?"
"They could cause issues once you started Radiation Therapy," I replied.
"Oh, I don't remember that."

I decide my next step was to get a digital voice recorder to start bringing to our appointments, especially the upcoming one with the Oncology Department.  The 'MAD' one.

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