Thursday, September 3, 2015

Impatient Patient.

Well as Rich recovers we hit small set backs and tiny steps forward.
For him though it doesn't feel as though he is healing at all.

Part of the issue is our very hot and humid days.  They sap the strength out of patients who have had radiation treatment.
No matter how many times I remind him of the fact he remains unconvinced.

In his words he wants to recover and be 'better than before'.
However, given his age and health condition prior to treatment, that is a bit of a stretch and one he is not willing to accept.

We had several appointments this week at the VA hospital in Madison.  

His eye glasses were ordered which are good, he is having some trouble with his vision.  However we couldn't get any answer regarding his cataracts and what was the criteria for that.  The technician just stated that he would get a follow up appointment in about 6 months.

Pardon my skepticism, but since they were not able to locate his prescription from the 'outsourced' doctor, I know it will be up to us to follow up.
The eye clinic apparently is so overwhelmed that they cannot keep up with their services to the veterans.

Being a patient is a full time job, being the care taker of a patient sometimes seems more than full time.

We will be going to see Dr. Feris once a week for a while to try and work with the depression issue.  Dr. Feris is incredible and really knows his stuff.  However Rich has to cooperate a bit by not concentrating all of the time on 'the bad' in his life.

I'm not in his shoes, but I can see that a more positive attitude at this point is what he really needs and I don't know how to help him find that.

We were given some homework which I felt was rather helpful.  
I brought out the papers the last night and asked him to tell me what happened today that he felt pleasant.

Rich gave me a look.  And said, "Put that away, it is stupid, and I'll do it if I feel like it."

I suppose from my view point, I get discouraged with that attitude as it won't assist him in getting better at all.

When we talk about the Grand children or time spent with the kids, he positively lights up.  So I know that not everything in his life is negative.

But I tire of the same answer every single day.

"How are you?"
Grunt and a dirty look.
"Not worth a sh*t," is the daily mantra.

He is an impatient patient, looking for a fix that isn't there.

Dr's Feris and Cordes still feel part of the issues are stemming from biological problems and no mental health medication is going to fix that.
I agree with them 100%.

Get Rich off the farm and engaged in doing something enjoyable.

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