Tuesday, September 15, 2015

3 Months Out/PET Scan today

Shall I say that I am up early and worrying and have been worrying for about a week now?

The dreaded and much looked forward to PET scan is today at noon.
Results will be at 3:30 PM with Dr. Witek delivering the good news.
I'm sure they knocked out the throat cancer.  We are trying to only think positive but are prepared for the other diagnoses.

Rich has said if IT isn't gone,[cancer has become an IT now in the house], he would consider a simple option but could never subject himself to the hell that he/we went through again.  We'd seek palliative care.

Radiation in high exposures do cause some radiation sickness like symptoms.  The radiation can attack your red blood cells, affect your intestinal system, and the blood cells that produce bone marrow.

Rich is still recovering from his treatments.  The Carbone Cancer center used Tomotherapy which:

"An important distinction between tomotherapy and other radiation treatments is that past methods exposed much larger areas of the body to higher levels of radiation distributed from fewer angles. Tomotherapy, with its ability to deliver lower doses from many different angles, affects very limited areas of healthy tissue and results in fewer side effects." 
From the Tomotherapy Radiation Univ of WI Madison

 So the next few hours and days will be interesting and hopefully very joyful ones.

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