Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Hair is growing back!

The last day of radiation was June 15th and Rich's hair kept falling out.  He had no beard and if you know Rich, you know he takes great pride in his luxurious mustache and beard.

Dr. Witek had told Rich not to cut his hair during treatment and that he would lose hair across the back of his head.

He did, but yesterday we saw itty bitty hairs coming back in.
His facial hair is starting to come back in.

This shot probably looks as though he is sad but he was just watching out the window while having morning coffee.

We were watching the mules drink water from the Big Tank.

We still seem to be battling some stomach/intestine issues but at least he isn't pain like he was before.

Yesterday was a 'good' day.  He felt like doing a bit more than he has in a while.  

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