Thursday, September 10, 2015

Nearly 3 months out of Radiation

Rich had his once a year physical with his principle provider this past week.
She went over his med list and I gave her the CT scan results and ER results from the visit we made to the Boscobel Hospital two weeks ago.

His continued main complaint is exhaustion and being tired all of the time.

When dealing with a person who has had a horrible illness like cancer and especially the very difficult treatment regime that goes along with it, recovery can take a long time.
The chemo and radiation therapy took a heavy toll on him and he feels he should have bounced back quickly.

On the 15th of this month we have the PET scan.  I am nervously wringing my hands.  Questions fly through my mind while trying to go to sleep.

Is it all gone?  Is it going to be okay?
How are we going to deal with this tiredness?

Then we get a phone call from the clinic in Baraboo, they want to set up another CT scan as they read there was a lesion on Rich's right adrenal gland.
Okay.  I've done a bit of reading and this could be nothing, or it could be something.

Or in fact, it could help explain the sheer exhaustion that he has been having.

I read his last blood panel.  I wonder sometimes if a person could be too informed.  It is good to know your results, but then again, do those numbers really show the true health of the individual?  Do we really want to know exactly everything?  Would I want to add worry?

I think not.  Certain parts of his blood panels were high and others low.  However, his primary care doctor handed them to me to put in my file....and really didn't say much about the results.

His red blood cell count is still low but not significantly. She did mention that.

So now we wait until Tuesday. Both of us are on edge, Rich won't say it, but I know it is on his mind.

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