Saturday, August 1, 2015

7 Weeks Out and Lymphedma of the throat

Things were really cruising along and Rich was feeling much better day by day. He did things like mowing pastures, mowing the yard, working on the Jeep, doing chores ... his energy nearly seemed boundless.

7 weeks out we hit a sudden snag.  Miss Peggy came out, but the doctors had given him a bit of grief for losing weight.  He told them that it had been so hot and humid that he didn't feel much like eating.

Then yesterday, after I got home from a 'graveyard' shift, he told me he was not just feeling quite up to par.  I helped with chores and then fell to sleep.

He has lymphedma~~
"Head and neck lymphedema occurs when the body is unable to transport fluid due to damage to the lymphatic system. It happens when scarring from a surgery blocks lymphatic vessels in the neck or the lymphatic system is damaged by radiation therapy."

It started creeping in slowly and has come to what I'd consider full force right now.  So far it hasn't impeded his speech or swallowing, but I do notice that he is trying to clear his throat more often.
I'm sure that his lymph nodes around his neck were damaged with radiation, another little thing that we didn't know might happen.

I'm going to look into the massage technique of moving the fluid out of below his chin.

On a second note, work has tossed me into the fray of things.  Since my first day back after 3 weeks off, I have worked 40 hrs a week and the shifts are all over the place.  I took the time happily because Rich was doing so well.

Now that I believe that Rich is feeling crappy and not eating well, it is time to put my foot down at work and tell them that I need to be taking more time to take care of my husband.

Cancer taught me that being with my husband and having quality time together is more important than most anything else.

Of course Rich is looking forward to having our 10 year old Grand daughter come for a week's visit from Wausau.  He bought a fishing license, so he can take her fishing.  He is going to teach her how to ride Fred our fantastic old mule.
He plans on taking her for rides on the 4 wheeler.  And just spending some one on one time with her.
Lily was very distraught over Rich's cancer diagnosis and this should help both her and Rich feel better.


  1. Hi, Val - Just stopped by to see if there were any new posts. So sorry to hear about this "bump in the road," but I suspect that, with Rich's positive attitude and you by his side, this will be only a temporary detour. Having grandbrats around can only help! You guys are in my thoughts and prayers every day!

    1. Thanks we keep encountering bumps and I guess that is just the nature of the 'beast'.