Tuesday, August 16, 2016

14 Month post Cancer follow up

Today is the 14 month post cancer follow up. 
That word still lingers in the back of our minds lurking as we continue to go through appointments with ENT, CAT scans, and mild scares from 'something showed up' we need another scan.

To...it was nothing.

However the good news is that Rich is doing better and he has this behind him. 
He also told the doctors that he wouldn't ever go through treatment again. I know he is solid in those thoughts. Chemo nearly killed him and he reacted so poorly to it. 

I'm hoping that our follow up visit will be another one where Dr. Witek slaps him on the back and tells him he is doing well.
We may have passed that magical one year date and now look forward to a 5 year prognosis.

Statistics show that if the cancer is to return, it will in the first year...or within 5 years.

So we still live with a cloud over our heads. However that cloud feels pretty distant at this time.

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  1. What an awesome milestone! It's a testament to Rich's constitution that he made it through chemo. I get why he would never do it again, though. It ravages the body so badly! Continued prayers for his improved health.