Tuesday, October 27, 2015

They will get along

Today we met with a Social Worker, a Resident Doctor Pete, and, Dr. LaConte.
I had a bit of a laugh when the Social Worker handed me her business card.  Sarah Rogers.
Let's just say it is a family name and Rogers was my maiden name.

Dr. Faris, true to his word was there.  He took a stool and sat quietly in the corner as Sarah and the Doctor Peter talked with Rich.

It was somewhat like an interview to see what issues regarding his health he would like addressed.

Sarah was direct and asked fantastic questions of Rich about regarding faith, spirituality, and medical concerns.
She was able to get Rich to give her a lot of information.

I'm not going to repeat our 2 hours with the doctors, but I will say I used a digital recorder so I can review the meeting. 

Struggling with lingering side effects of the radiation and chemo were his main complaints.  'Finding the new normal' was a key phrase.  Rich wanted to find the old normal.  His wish is to get back to what he used to be.

I'm not sure that is ever going to occur.  But that is my unspoken opinion and I will support Rich's desire to get back to the old normal.

Another main complaint is his balance.  We spoke at length about that today.
I think I haven't realized how much the loss his ease of footing has effected his mental well being.

I know Dr. Faris expressed how interesting it was to sit back and observe and not have to be involved in the conversation.

After nearly two hours of talking we are going to work on the balance issue first as that seems to be a key to making Rich feel more comfortable.

Dr. LaConte thought that Physical Therapy may help. 

Ear/Nose/Throat will be looking to see if there was any inner ear damage from radiation therapy 'scattering', as well as a follow up to check where the tumor had been on his tonsil.

There was so much covered by everyone it will take me listening to the meeting at least one more time to make some more sense out of it.

On our way home Rich talked about how much he like Dr. LaConte and how he felt really comfortable with him.

"I think we will get along just fine."  Rich said.


  1. I hope so. Nick is having SUCH a time with Rib Pain. They keep doing tests, and running up our bill and giving us no answers.

    Both of us are getting pissed. Yesterday I about BLEW UP at Mayo.

    1. That stinks. Ask them where is their Palliative Care Team? Some doctors just need to put on their thinking caps and look at the whole person and not just one thing right?
      I would be upset too.