Saturday, October 3, 2015

One day at a time.

Finally after weeks and weeks of seemingly never ending appointments we have gotten a week of 'peace'.

I took some time to be unavailable to work.  No, I do not get vacation nor do I get paid.

This week I got the Subaru in for a oil change, tire rotation, and over all check up.  The vehicle continues to perform well for us.

I was able to take Morris to the vet to get his overdue rabies shot.  I was able to get us both in for haircuts.

Until this week our schedule is such, that I have been working or we have been driving for follow up appointments in Madison.  We simply have been overwhelmed since he was first diagnosed.

So we concentrated on some farm work and catching up on other things.

We did some tree chopping. Brush piling.

Clearing out the dead ash trees...
These were things that had needed to be done.

We will be 4 months out of treatment come October 15th.
How does it feel?

His salivary glands may never be the same.
His energy level may never be the same.  This was explained by more than one doctor.  
Yet Rich feels as if he should feel 100% again.

He has lost a lot of weight after treatment.  I bought him new 'skinnier' jeans today.  Down two inches.

But we have really good days and then days not so good.

Yesterday was partly good and partly not so great.

Is this our new norm?

We follow the motto given to us by the girls at the infusion clinic and at the radiation clinic.



  1. Our new norm won't always be fun................but it will always be interesting and challenging...

    1. Agreed, the new norm is never the norm! Somedays I just wonder.