Friday, July 17, 2015

One Month Follow Up!

Today we have the one month follow up with the Radiologist Oncologist, Dr. Witek.

We skipped the two week follow up as Rich was doing well.
Swallowing is still painful to him and he still takes a pain med in the morning to help with that.

I think we can say goodbye to that soon enough.
Eating bread is still difficult as the saliva glands are not producing like they once did.
We don't know if that will all come back or not.

Last night we ate steak, sliced and fried potatoes, and salads.  A very normal meal.  This was something I never thought would happen again [in the third week of treatment].  I think Rich is healing well and actually getting back into the swing of things much faster than anyone imagined.

He has always been determined that 'this' was something he would conquer and I think that attitude helped him greatly.

What happens next?  I guess we wait for the PET scan to see if 'all' of the cancer was eradicated and move on from there.


  1. Such good news. Sounds like you are able to do so much more now....both of you!

    1. Thanks...I think we are making headyway!