Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Incorrect Billing

I'm picking this up from Sunday's post More Madness in Billing Non VA Medical Care posted on the 22nd.

I called the Billing Department at Boscobel and talked to the person I'd spoken with on November 2nd when I'd caught the billing error.  Medicare had been charged when it was actually supposed to be billed to Non VA Medical Services.

She apologized for the letter I'd received and while she was on the phone with me removed me from Credit Management Control's naughty list.

CMC is the company that handles collections for all sorts of billing for many different companies.  They are extremely aggressive and say they are not in the collection service but are in the Recovery Service.  Most people read the letter and see collection written in their title.  Even though it is literally not there.

Today after a very lengthy day at the VA, we came home to find an automated phone call from this very same company.

Sigh. Obviously they haven't noticed that we were removed from their list of Recovery due to billing errors by the Front Desk at the Emergency Department.

For anyone who has a question as to the work flow for a Veteran seeking non VA medical care, I copied a chart I found.  I am downloading it to my Kindle so I can take it with me to our next ER visit [let's hope this doesn't happen for a very long time].
Perhaps a visual will help the Front Desk get things straight.

One of the big concerns is that an ER that treats a Veteran with service connected disabilities, is the fact that they must notify the nearest VA Hospital within 72 hours or risk not getting paid.
Listen up you Billers and Front Desk people, get it right the first time!

I hope if any other Veteran sees this they will make sure to make a copy of this to take with them.  I need to print this and put it in my file that I take with me any time we visit the VA or a non VA doctor.

I carry a file that has important phone numbers, billing addresses, cards from Non-VA Medical, and the latest current list of medications.

Be prepared.
Be prepared.

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